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The Percy Norman Swim Club is run solely by parent volunteers. The Parent Volunteer Program is, therefore, an integral element of our club.

Each family has agreed to the following during registration:

  • volunteer a minimum of 7 hours between September and June
  • provide a $200 post-dated volunteer deposit cheque during the first two weeks of the season.
  • the cheque will be destroyed at the end of the season if your family completes at least 7 volunteer hours

We will have many opportunities during the year to accumulate volunteers’ hours, such as helping at our swim events and at our social events and participating at the Parents Meeting and AGM. More info at our volunteer page.

We will collect the volunteer deposit cheque for $200 during the first week of swimming at these days and times:

  • Wednesday, Sept 4th, from 5-6 PM (Hillcrest, pool deck)
  • Thursday, Sept 5th, from 4-5 PM (Hillcrest, pool deck)
  • Friday, Sept 6th, from 4-5 PM (Hillcrest, pool deck)
  • Saturday, Sept 7th, from 5-6 PM (Hillcrest, pool deck)
  • Sunday, Sept 8th, from 7:30-8:30 AM (Hillcrest, pool deck) and from 3-4:30 PM (Hillcrest, Room 320+328, Welcome Party)
  • Monday, Sept 9th, from 4-5 PM (Hillcrest, pool deck)
  • Tuesday, Sept 10th, from 5-6 PM (Hillcrest, pool deck)

NOTE: Please, bring a cheque for $200 (volunteer deposit/family) dated July 1st, 2020 for Percy Norman Swim Club. If you are unable to bring the cheque in one of these days, please contact Gabrio at head_coach@pnsc.ca.

NOTE: If we don’t receive your deposit by the end of the second week (Sept 15th, 2019) then we will consider the family withdrawn.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the volunteer deposit cheque collection. If you are available to help, sign up for a shift at this link. Please, choose only one shift per family, thank you!

FALL/Winter/SPRING 2019-2020 Registration has limited space!

The Fall / Winter / Spring 2019-2020 information is posted to the Registration page.

Yellow and Grey groups are full and there is limited space in the Blue and Red groups.

If you have any questions please email Gabrio Mannucci at Head_Coach@pnsc.ca

New Swimmer Assessments

For all new swimmers, please click here to book a mandatory swimming assessment prior to registration.


Thank you to everyone that attended the mini-meet at Watermania.
Please see the Mini-Meet section to view the latest results.

The June 1st Mile Swim Results have been posted for your review.

Congratulations to all the kids for a job well done!!!

The May 11th Time Trial results have been posted to the Time Trials page.

Parents should note that in order for swimmers to access the pool during their practices they may be asked to provide proof of PNSC Membership.

Swimmers must follow all pool regulations, such as:

  • Swimmers may not swim outside their normal practice time without providing payment for community centre use.
  • Parents must pay if they wish to swim at the pool. Any breach of this rule may result in the cancellation of their children's membership

Also, please note the following:

  • The club does not assume any responsibility for lost items; therefore swimmers should not bring valuable items to practices.
  • Parents are expected to wait until their children are in the water before leaving.
  • The club does not assume any responsibility for a swimmer's safety or security before and after practices.

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Important information to our members is sent via e-mail on a regular basis. We ask all PNSC parents to register to get on the e-mail list. To register, send an e-mail in the following format:

  • To: info@pnsc.ca

  • Subject: Relationship to club, Last name, Swimmers first name, Optional additional names of children


  • Subject: Swimmer, Jones, Mark, Cindy

  • Subject: Coach, Bowman, Alex

  • Subject: Executive, McNiel, Jim

No text is required in the body of the e-mail. Send one e-mail from each address you want to receive club e-mail at.

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